Global Security Innovation Council Launched to Address Travel Security and Issues Report on Women Travelers

Partners from the travel industry and the scientific community announced the launch of the Global Security Innovation Council (GSIC), one of the first multi-stakeholder initiatives focused on tackling security in the travel and entertainment sectors. GSIC is an international non-profit devoted to working with governments and businesses to manage security risks facing airports, hotels, transportation and entertainment venues.

“GSIC can support a wide range of programs, technologies and best practice sharing in partnership with travel and entertainment companies to keep our customers and employees safe.” said Alex Mirza, Chairman of GSIC and former Accenture Partner and hospitality industry executive.

GSIC is led by CEO Dr. Stéfanie von Hlatky, an internationally-recognized professor who advises governments, agencies and international organizations. She is the Director of the Queen’s University Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP) where she leads a diverse team of security.

GSIC is focused on developing tailored approaches to optimize security resilience and offers the following:

  • Industry-specific prevention strategies
  • Tracking costs of security incidents
  • Risk mitigation tools including new technologies, products and services
  • Innovative problem-solving and recovery plans
  • A GSIC expert database

Today, Professor von Hlatky released the summary findings of a joint CIDP/GSIC study of 200 women business travelers focusing on hotel safety and security. The study found that over 40% of women business travelers have safety concerns in hotels and only 25% of those between the ages of 25-44 believe hotels have taken adequate steps to ensure their safety. The summary findings can be downloaded here:

A kick-off workshop was hosted earlier this year. The workshop compared different approaches and strategies to address security risks and stressed the need for greater engagement within the travel sector, given the significant impact of recent domestic events such as New York and international terrorist attacks targeting hotels, restaurants, airports and entertainment venues in Mumbai, Jakarta, Bangkok, Paris and Istanbul.

GSIC will convene annual conferences with sponsors and partners. This conference series will cement a global network of business professionals, NGOs, scholars and political leaders who are committed to tackling security challenges worldwide. The first one is slated for March 2018.

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